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Audio Branding: Explained

We’ve all heard one of our favorite songs used as part of a marketing campaign… recognized a certain voice in association with a particular brand (just think Jon Hamm and Mercedes Benz or Morgan Freeman and Visa)… and come to expect entertainment at the sound of the Netflix ‘ta-dum.’ All these are examples of audio branding – but what exactly is involved in this uniquely powerful type of marketing? And how does it really benefit a business? 

what is
audio branding?

Put simply, audio branding is the use of sound to define, reinforce and strengthen a company's identity. Music, voice artistry, copy and sonic logos all play their part in getting a business name heard, and companies can deploy one, all, or a combination of these elements in various auditory channels.

So what does
audio branding
look like in action?

Sonic logos are the quickest way to get a potential customer listening to what you have to say, as they memorably convey company identity in just a few short seconds. And with ever-increasing opportunities to deploy this feature, there’s an even greater chance of market dominance across multiple, receptive channels.

Some of the memorable sonic logos are Netflixes “Du duh” or MacDonalds “bada ba ba ba” using very few notes and keeping it short and simple. Here are some examples you might recognize – even without realizing you recognize them.

why should my business
make use of sound?

Companies have long lived in a predominantly visual world. Branding considerations or spend has historically been devoted to what we can see – logos, colours, fonts, print and billboard adverts, websites and all those other elements that appeal to the eye.

But this isn’t enough to make a business stand out. Consumers are bombarded by images, so much so that the visual messages we scroll through, watch on our screens or see in the cities around us barely register. It takes something else to cut through this noise – and this is where audio comes in.

Our connection with sound begins while we’re still in the womb, and it remains a core sensory and semantic cue throughout our entire lives. The things we hear cement themselves in our brain much faster and more firmly that those delivered through the visual counterpart, so it’s no surprise that audio is proven to enhance customer receptivity:


music to marketing ears:

Coupled with this remarkable responsiveness is audio’s accessibility. Unlike video or other visual media, we don’t have to stop to consume it – which is why 79% of consumption takes place while we’re engaged in other tasks. Sound reaches us where images cannot, weaving its way around our daily activities to become an essential part of our lives.

Used effectively, musical marketing inspires emotion, drives purchase intent and tells the story of the brand – making it a vital consideration in a company’s identity and marketing activity.


why should I consider
audio branding now?

We’re living in the age of audio. Whether it’s a podcast on the morning commute, a powerful playlist to get us pumped up for the gym, or a query answered by Alexa as we cook up our evening meal, we’re consuming, adopting and interacting with sound more than ever before – meaning there’s never been a better time for businesses to make themselves heard.

what are the key
audio touchpoints for a consumer?


who can help me
my audio branding?

If you’d like to embrace the benefits of audio branding, SVNBIRDS specializes in maximizing the brand power of the telephone, we help businesses across the globe unlock the potential of this audio touchpoint with creative, technology fuelled solutions. Our inspiring audio productions are the work of talented Copywriters, Composers, Voice Artists and Producers – comprising a captivating script, exclusive Brand-Sound-Track™ and vocal artistry that capture exactly what makes a company unique.

Our dedicated consultants are available to help you develop a complete sonic strategy for your business. Fill in the form below to get more details and we’ll take the first steps towards creating a sound that makes your brand sing.

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